DBFS reports Australian contract

Source: DBFS

DBFS has been engaged to conduct an end-to-end review and risk analysis of the business processes and the supporting technology.

Our client was looking for operational efficiencies and current state issues that required urgent quick-win recommendations by DBFS.

'As with all our projects, DBFS's first task is to really understand our clients drivers, goals, challenges and risks. We then use our own leading edge methodologies to review organisational, functional and technical states so that we not only address the current state issues but can propose a complete restructure of the operations to improve data control and management', says Simon Lewis, Principal Consultant at DBFS.

Mr Lewis added, 'This project required a data centric approach, improving data control and management through MIS and dashboards and in parallel recommended numerous risk mitigations and efficiency improvements around the underlying technology and applications.' 

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