SunGard adds credit risk analysis capabilities to SGN

Source: SunGard

SunGard has added credit risk analysis capabilities to its SunGard Global Network (SGN) Short-Term Cash Management portal, a global compliance, trading and research solution for institutional cash investors.

Gathering fund data from Standard & Poor's, Sector Treasury and Crane Data, the SGN portal's risk analysis solution provides corporate treasurers with actionable credit and counterparty data to help increase transparency, make critical investment decisions, reduce risk and exposure, and improve operational efficiency.

Investors in money market funds and other short-term cash vehicles need automated tools to help them manage risk more efficiently. Accessible and accurate information is vital to performing any type of risk analysis, yet consolidating and analyzing risk and return information across security types can be time-consuming and challenging. The SGN Short-Term Cash Management portal is a global, multi-fund trading platform that helps corporate treasurers increase efficiency in researching, analyzing and gathering relevant information to help optimize short-term investments. The portal's risk analysis solution helps firms measure risk quickly by providing aggregate, cross-asset counterparty and credit data from multiple data providers in a single location. This helps investors view funds' underlying holdings by characteristics such as country, security type, credit rating or maturity structure on a consolidated basis across their entire portfolio.

Damian Burleigh, managing director, McGraw-Hill Financial EMEA, said, "SunGard Global Network is an ideal partner for us because it is committed to enhancing investors' credit risk analysis. By providing S&P credit ratings on underlying cash securities, SGN's portal is now able to provide investors with Standard & Poor's fundamentally driven, expert analysis of securities' creditworthiness."

Bob Ward, chief operating officer of SunGard's wealth management business, said, "The ability to assess risk and exposure quickly based on multiple data points across portfolios helps facilitate real-time decision making. The risk analysis capability of the SGN Short-Term Cash Management po portal helps firms gain access to meaningful, aggregate intelligence quickly in one place, so that more time can be spent on in-depth analysis and other important tasks related to treasury and cash management." 

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