Deutsche Bank Autobahn expands FPGA product line to all US exchange co-lo facilities

Source: Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank's Autobahn® Equity electronic trading business, within its Markets division, today announced the expansion of the µltra FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) product suite to all major US stock exchange co-location facilities, including NYSE, NYSE Arca, NASDAQ, Direct Edge and BATS.

The μltra FPGA platform provides high volume, ultra-low latency direct market access to US equity markets. The platform first went live at the Carteret, New Jersey, datacenter in co-location with NASDAQ in March.

µltra FPGA performs comprehensive, pre-trade compliance and risk management checks while minimizing order latency delays. µltra FPGA was designed to run from Deutsche Bank's cabinets at exchange data centers so that Deutsche Bank retains direct and exclusive control over the device at all times. µltra FPGA works with all major exchange protocols, allowing for seamless integration.

Correlix RaceTeam™, an independent latency monitoring service, recently measured µltra FPGA's pre-trade risk management gateway latency at 1.35 microseconds for OUCH® messages sent to NASDAQ and 1.75 microseconds for Financial Information eXchange (FIX) messages. These measurements are the fastest of any such device that has been independently verified, and are extremely consistent, with a variance of less than 10 nanoseconds. Latency and variance numbers were measured using a sample set of 15 million messages sent continuously across 10 sessions with a rate of 8,000 orders per second.

"Deutsche Bank is delighted to offer μltra, which is significantly faster than anything else of similar nature available to clients today," said Jose Marques, Global Head of Electronic Equity Trading. "Our clients can now maximize access to US equity markets with a predictable, high-speed pre-trade risk gateway system."

The μltra FPGA suite of products is the latest enhancement in the Autobahn Equity product line.

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