Calyon UK deploys MCC's MiG EBS feed handler

Source: MCC

MCC, a leading supplier of software solutions and services for real-time trading, today announced that Calyon-UK, an international Corporate & Investment Bank, has selected MiG EBS Feed Handler for receiving and supplying real-time EBS XML feed data within its foreign exchange trading room.

EBS Market Rates Data, went live at Calyon's London office on 28 March, 2005.

Yacine Aït Said, Real-time & Integration Department Manager, Calyon, commented: "Our relationship with MCC will be a long-term strategic partnership. Low latency data is key for business growth and the EBS feed is strategic at Calyon. Before implementing MiG EBS Feed Handler, data were slow, resulting in delays in receiving market rates. Now with MCC we have a taylor-made EBS Feed Handler and the fastest in the market."

MiG EBS Feed Handler system latency averages at 2 milliseconds or less. It is a true interactive Feed Handler which provides data only when requested by clients; supports 'Load balancing' or 'Hot-Standby' features; ensures efficient 'stale management' (huge data cache for a fast data access subscription). Highly customisable, MiG EBS Feed Handler allows to map exchange data to any 'standard'/'custom' display templates and field lists and to manage chains dynamically and DACS permissioning to control user real-time data access disclosure.

Says Frédéric Oden, CEO, MCC: "Aiming the lowest latency as possible to process real time data and to react on the market is vital issue for all serious actors in the business. That is why we strongly focus on very high speed technologies, combined with our long term experience in reliable software delivery for the finance industry, for the real benefit of Calyon."

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