Activ Financial expands ActivNet

Source: Activ Financial

Activ Financial, a global provider of fully managed low-latency enterprise market data solutions, today announced the increased global presence of ActivNet, a private network created to globally distribute Activ's market data.

The robust infrastructure gives users direct and immediate access to ActivFeed, ACTIV's highly compressed, low-footprint data stream that contains every tick on every instrument, as well as to an array of local and regional direct feeds that are available upon demand. ACTIV's exchange co-located and proximity centers ensure space, power and cooling, and the extensive, flexible network is able to meet demanding requirements.

The fully managed infrastructure allows users to access ActivFeed anywhere around the globe without suffering the same slow periods and bottlenecks that other multi-purpose networks often experience. The network is supported by ACTIV's 20 global data centers, including locations in Chicago, New York, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo. "Access to a reliable and fast stream of market data is the backbone of any trading operation," said Frank Piasecki, President of ACTIV Financial. "ActivNet offers users an on-demand, dedicated global network that is engineered and managed for latency-sensitive trading apps, allowing us to quickly and seamlessly deliver market data to our clients."

ActivNet provides access to locally aggregated raw direct exchange feeds (via ActivFeed Direct) as well as globally aggregated exchange feeds (via ActivFeed and ActivNet). Unlike competing global feed products, ActivFeed is powered from all of the ActivFeed Direct installations at the ActivNet data centers. This decentralized architecture provides best in class latency characteristics for both local and international exchanges at any ActivNet data center while providing the highest degree of resiliency. ActivNet is also carrier-neutral, allowing Activ to leverage the best providers between points where reliability is critical.

"With the financial services landscape changing daily, we are committed to continuously pushing the envelope to ensure we deliver maximum value to our customers," continued Piasecki. "ActivNet is our rr latest initiative to bolster our world-class portfolio of fully managed market data services. For simple provision of physical infrastructure, ActivNet offers the widest range of services today." 

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