Dynamice and Thater & Schwier join GlobalPlatform

Source: GlobalPlatform

Italy-based Dynamice and Thater & Schwier of Germany are the latest industry players to join GlobalPlatform, the organization which standardizes the management of applications on secure chip technology, as Consultant Level Members.

Massimo Nicolosi, Owner and Senior SW Consultant at Dynamice, comments: "With the continual development of smart card-based technologies, the importance of a harmonized set of standards is heightened, especially when developing operating systems that need to run across various applications. By joining GlobalPlatform, we are able to better educate and inform our customers on how to create operating systems suitable for tomorrow's multi-application world."

Andreas Schwier, System Architect at Thater & Schwier, adds: "Interoperability of cross-application technologies is at the core of smart card-based solutions. With an increase in emerging trusted platforms, such as mobile devices, GlobalPlatform Specifications are more important than ever before to ensure the successful deployment of secure and standardized applications."

"With access to both the Advisory Council and Task Force initiatives, both Dynamice and Thater & Schwier are able to keep up to date with the latest GlobalPlatform technical specifications, as well as work with the organization to further promote the importance of interoperability across secure chip technologies. We look forward to their participation and contribution," concludes Kevin Gillick, Executive Director at GlobalPlatform. 

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