Barnes International receives GlobalPlatform test tool qualification

Source: Barnes International

Barnes International is pleased to announce the qualification of its new GlobalPlatform Test Tool, which ensures that card products are compliant to GlobalPlatform UICC Card Configuration.

The development of this new test tool is the result of the strong commitment that Barnes has made to developing tools for the mobile payment sector in general and to GlobalPlatform in particular. Barnes joined GlobalPlatform two years ago specifically to work with GlobalPlatform members as part of the Card Compliance Working Group on the development of UICC test tools.

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, comments: "We are delighted that Barnes has shared its expertise and participated in the compliance program certification process, as we believe this important work will lay the foundation in realising long-term interoperability within the smart card market. On behalf of GlobalPlatform, I would like to congratulate Barnes on achieving GlobalPlatform qualified status for its test tool."

Brian Summerhayes, Managing Director of Barnes International, adds: "We are extremely pleased to announce the qualification of the GPT test tool, the "GPT". We have been working as an integral part of the GlobalPlatform Card Compliance Working Group to develop this tool alongside the other Participating and Full GlobalPlatform members. As with all Barnes products we have concentrated on designing an easy to use, thorough and fast test tool. Speed is particularly important given the lengthy GP UICC tests and I am pleased to say we have again ably demonstrated this with the excellence of our new tool. The Barnes GPT is essential for smart card manufacturers and mobile network operators working with GlobalPlatform Card Specification v2.2 products. The GPT can be used to self-test your products to GlobalPlatform qualification status. The tool is easy to use and strongly supported by Barnes' commitment to advise, assist and work with our global customer base to continually develop and enhance our leading edge test tools. We shall continue to work closely with GlobalPlatform to develop additional qualified tools to help satisfy the need for consistent quansistent qualification, approval and quality control testing of GlobalPlatform card products by manufacturers, laboratories, mobile network operators and issuers."

The new Barnes tool complements Barnes' existing payment card Personalisation Validation Test Tools providing rigorous, comprehensive and rapid card validation and quality control testing in a world where mobile and payment are rapidly converging. As with all Barnes tools this is a market leading test tool.

The GPT 1.10 is qualified to test GlobalPlatform 2.2 cards to GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration v1.0.1 against the GlobalPlatform Test Suite v1.0.2. Self testing with the Barnes GPT will speed up development, saving time and thus money.

Barnes has been providing industry standard chip test tools since 1999, when it first launched the CPT Personalization Validation Tool (PVT). Barnes test tools include features and enhancements suggested by its global customer base to improve usability and its tools provide quick, thorough and accurate testing. 

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