Singapore Exchange taps TNS for co-lo services

Source: Transaction Network Services

The Singapore Exchange (SGX) is preparing for anticipated growth by offering co-location services to their customers with the support of Transaction Network Services (NYSE:TNS).

TNS has been identified as an approved Network Service Provider for firms seeking to access the SGX co-location centre. Customers choosing TNS' Secure Trading Extranet will benefit from the ability to connect to SGX to route orders and access market data in a secure, fast and low latency environment.

The partnership with TNS will enable SGX customers to benefit from the efficiency of co-location, which is becoming the industry preference for maximising connection speed and access to critical financial data. As a leading financial trading platform in Asia, SGX offers a range of products and information on securities and derivatives. With TNS, SGX customers can gain the advantage of a cost-efficient, fully-managed connectivity service, with dependable access to real-time market data to support activities needed in a fast-paced trading environment.

Dominic Lim, Vice President, Head of Market Access, said: "SGX is delighted to secure a reliable and well-known service partner such as TNS, a firm whose established provision within the financial services community brings a highly-available and dependable service to our customers. TNS helps SGX customers actualise the benefits of co-location by enabling a cost-effective solution for access to timely market information and opportunities to engage with other traders, brokers and investment firms connected on the TNS network."

SGX customers using TNS Secure Trading Extranet will get real time information from SGX's Securities Market Direct Feed, SGX Derivatives Quote, SGX News and others, as well as access to TNS' trading community. The agreement with TNS provides SGX customers with an onsite direct route between the exchange and its trading facilities. A reliable, fast connection to market data is an essential requirement for traders who require speedy, informative decision making to capitalise on big trading volumes or pricing differentials.

Mr Lim added: "High-frequency trading depends on the ability of a secure, low-latency solution from a well-respected knowledgeable expert in financial data connectivity, which is why TNS was selected for our preferred suppliers list."

TNS' Secure Trading Extranet will enable SGX customers to access TNS' 1,700-community endpoints, representing buy-side and sell-side institutions, market data and software vendors, exchanges and alternative trading venues, via more than 115 points of presence.

John Owens, TNS' Vice President of Exchanges & ECNs, said: "The Asian market continues to evolve at a rapid rate, and TNS' growing presence in this region is evidence of our capabilities in connecting global markets. In selecting TNS Secure Trade Extranet, SGX has put itself in a fantastic position to service its customers demand for a highly-available, cost-effective and reliable service, while at the same time offering increased trading opportunities between SGX customers and the greater TNS financial community." 

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