CSC selects eMite to unify reporting Silos

Source: eMite

CSC selects eMite's Service Intelligence Platform to unify silos of disparate reporting metrics and present their customers with unparalleled transparency into the performance of their Business Services.

After undertaking a comprehensive review of the marketplace, CSC chose eMite due to its compelling business value and the timeframe to deliver meaningful results to both the business and IT.

"eMite will enable CSC's Capacity & Availability teams within Enterprise Service Management to access various disparate data sources promptly and analyze the data in the eyes of their customers through its Business Service Model. The platform's ability to identify business patterns combined with eMite Risk Bands will enable CSC to focus on the real issues and enable us to deliver our Capacity Management service in a new light." Says Shellie Bischoff CSC's National ITIL Capacity Manager.

CSC has selected eMite under the banner of their Service Management maturity program. They are currently the only major outsourcing provider to hold ISO-IEC 20000 certification and are proactively investing in platforms that will allow them to be Number 1 in Customer Intimacy. eMite's unique Data Onboarding architecture allows CSC to remove repetitive data integration tasks and visualize metrics across multiple business services and systems in real-time.

In CSC's case that means unifying metrics collected from system monitoring tools (IBM, CA, EMC), ITSM tools (BMC) and Reporting Data Warehouses (IBM). This automation coupled with the ability to visualize metrics in the context of the business service will enable a more consultative approach as the business can talk the language of IT and vice versa. These innovations drive benefits for both CSC and their customers as reports are created in minutes and can be delivered in real-time Dashboards negating the need to wait for a monthly meeting.

"We are honored to be selected by one of the global leaders in Service Management with such a rich ITIL history", says Stuart Geros CEO of eMite, "and to be able to work with CSC to provide better insights and planning for their Customers. We are excited about the way CSC is looking to roll out eMite and unify silos of operational and technical metrics for an integrated business focused view for themselves and their customers"

eMite's analytics also makes significant inroads into the question of why outages and alarm storms occur through the system's ability to learn what is normal. eMite's Risk Bands deliver the first dynamic alerting system that learns from the behavior of each metric and only sets an alarm when that dynamic threshold is breached. By combining Enterprise Correlation and eMite Risk Bands an organization can rapidly determine where it needs to focus to deliver Service and deal with the often the unknown dependencies between those service components. This feature is planned to be rolled out in a targeted fashion by CSC by assessing its demand across their customer base. 

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