Currensee follows the money to China

Source: Currensee

Currensee, (, the alternative investment service that gives investors unique access to the world currency markets, today announced the launch of its Trade Leaders™ Investment Program in China.

This first-of-its-kind service lets investors automatically replicate the trades of an elite group of professional foreign exchange (Forex) traders, called Trade Leaders, and seeks to open the world currency market as a viable asset class for retail investors.

Chinese investors can now access the program via the Currensee Chinese website,, and China is a key market in the Currensee international expansion plan. According to the Bank of International Settlements, in April 2010 average, daily Forex trading in China had reached $19.8 billion, representing an increase of 112.9 percent, compared to April 2007. The Currensee Trade Leaders program, which launched in October 2010, has now seen over $6 billion traded through the service. Assets under management increased four-fold in just three months, reaching $12 million, and nearly 50 percent of assets under management (AUM) growth in last two months is from existing customers increasing their investment.

Unlike many other investment services that are based on speculation and back-tested or demo data, all Currensee Trade Leaders -- three of whom are from China -- trade in live accounts with real money. Their performance, risk scores, strategies and other performance-related information are all provided in real-time online. For the six month period ending May 31, 2011, these Trade Leaders, typically 15 to 20 in number, delivered returns of 33.5 percent, compared to the 2.94 percent that investors in the Heng Seng Index saw during the same period of time. Investors in the Shanghai Composite Index saw a 2.39-percent loss in the same time period.

"Making an official presence in China is essential to the Currensee global business expansion strategy," said Asaf Yigal, co-founder and vice president of Product for Currensee. "With rapidly growing demand for retail currency trading and investment, and more than 450 million internet users, China is undoubtedly an excellent market opportunity for us and a key part of our international plans. We can also see how quickly wealth has been created in China and that many investors are starting to look toward diversifying their investments from the stock market to manage risk. The launch of the Trade Leaders program and the Currensee Chinese website marks a new step in what Currensee sees as a trend toward 'New Investing' -- a departure from the traditional methods of investment and the exploration of innovative, online forms of investing in alternative asset classes."

"I feel honored to be a part of the Trade Leaders Investment Program, which has opened the world currency market to all types of investors," a Currensee Trade Leader said. "We are seeing a soaring demand for retail foreign exchange investment across the market, and this platform gives investors an opportunity to diversify and look for new investment opportunities. It's an exciting thought that investors from all four corners of the world are now looking to copy my trades through the platform."

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