Screen Consultants delivers INFOmatch via ASP

Source: Screen Consultants

Screen Consultants, today, announced that this month two new customers signed up, who will use INFOmatch in a hosted, instead of a deployed environment.

TriEnnium, a leading market data technology consultancy and services firm, will facilitate the technology and hosting centre for Screen's clients, through it's hosting centre in The Netherlands.

On behalf of Screen Consultants, Peter Fruitema - Managing Director, states that the company is honoured to welcome the first two customers. "So far, INFOmatch's install base consisted of local deployed solutions. These deals, using ASP as delivery mechanism, represents Screen's entry into a promising new market. Increasingly we hear from clients that the internal IT cost has reached such levels, that alternative ways of delivery are considered."

It is obvious that a hosted solution does not only offer a significant cost saving, it also ensures an immediate set-up, fault tolerant and redundant environment and quick resolutions to reported software problems. The hosting technology is based on Tarantella's Secure Global Desktop, which runs seamlessly integrated in a browser at clients' sites. "Tarantella offers just the right feature set against a very attractive price," Peter Fruitema says. The infrastructure features of Tarantella are Load balancing, single port relay, client connection settings based on IP/hostname/user groups, integration with Active Directory (an optional interface available within INFOmatch).

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