Matrix launches payments exchange

Source: Matrix Payments Ltd

Matrix Payments Ltd (Matrix), a Global Payment Systems Integrator, today announced the release of its 'Intelligent Payment Exchange', (The Exchange) to large eCommerce Merchants, third party processors and Retail or Corporate Banks.

This follows a three-year development process, which included two years of full production testing.

The Matrix Exchange offers large, eCommerce and Multi-Channel Merchants advanced payment integration and management services, including; GeoLocation, decline analytics, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) tokenisation and Merchant, Bank or acquirer specific data capture. These services are combined with advanced fraud, marketing, 3D-Secure and 'least cost' routing products, all of which are managed by easy to use filters, rules and workflow systems.

In addition to multiple payment methods, the Exchange is integrated with leading Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering service providers, enabling systematic support of any compliance regime. Any Bank wishing to extend its payment range can do so using a white labelled version of the Exchange to offer alternative payment services to Retail or Corporate clients. The Exchange currently supports up to 200 payment channels across 190 countries, with further integrations on-going.

A key design requirement of the Exchange was to minimise the cost of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance for multi-channel merchants. Built, tested and deployed by an experienced management team, the Exchange has exceeded this requirement, enhancing payment handling efficiency and improving sales conversion rates, whilst reducing compliance and processing costs. Utilising the best software and hardware available today, the Exchange processes multi-sourced data, in real time, from any available database.

David Abbott, CEO of Matrix Payments said: "The Matrix Exchange delivers a quantum leap in payment integration and processing services. Rather than sitting as the last step in the sales process, the Exchange consistently supports our clients' sales activities, deciding which payment options to offer at checkout, what routing option to choose, or if special handling is needed for VIP's or high risk transactionsoons."

"The Exchange also makes 'real time' 3D Secure decisions at the merchant, consumer, or even product level. Our back office delivers real 'insight' to our clients, and provides them with the tools they need to put this knowledge to work."

Exchange clients in the EU and AP regions have already achieved substantial savings in processing and operational costs, coupled with improvements in service delivery following the Matrix integration process. The integration couples merchant systems with the Exchanges' rules, filters, workflows and reporting tools which includes a four-stage fraud and marketing decision engine which automates and modifies processes in real time. In order to achieve continual service improvements, the decision engine can be refined and tested against historic data before the release of any new strategy. The Exchange back office employs Adobe Flex, and an Oracle database to enable agile payment management and control.

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