Latency monitoring veteran Alex Malone joins TS-Associates

Source: TS-Associates

TS-Associates, leaders in precision instrumentation of electronic trading systems, and developers of TipOff® and Application Tap®, today announced Alex Malone has joined the company as Director of Product Design.

Alex will be responsible for a number of strategic initiatives, including the creation of a range of role oriented user interfaces for TipOff, and a new range of cost reduced precision instrumentation products. These initiatives are in direct response to our customers' requests and represent TS-Associates' response both to the growing maturity of the latency monitoring industry and the beginnings of a commoditisation of the enabling technologies. TS-Associates is known in particular for innovation, and these initiatives will demonstrate a continued commitment to driving forwards the discipline of precision instrumentation.

Alex, a veteran of the latency monitoring industry and an experienced manager and software engineer, is an expert in optimizing user experience and workflow for application and network performance monitoring with a focus on the financial services industry. Having founded transaction latency monitoring vendor Helium Systems in 2006, Alex sold the company to NetQoS in 2007 with a roster of blue chip customers for his Trade Monitor product. NetQoS was acquired by Computer Associates in 2009. Prior to this, Alex had many years of experience in software engineering for a mix of electronic trading firms and leading technology firms of the day, including Sun Microsystems and Digital Equipment Corp.

Henry Young, TS-Associates CEO, says, "We're excited that Alex has joined TSAssociates. He has precisely the right skills and experience we need to progress our precision instrumentation product range, with a particular focus on the user experience. We're also looking forwards to leveraging Alex's recent experience to broaden our range of products into the network monitoring space."

Alex Malone, says, "I'm joining a company where the core products and feature sets are so far advanced that TS-Associates is doing things no other company is doing. I see the next generation of products harnessing this untapped potential with a re-designed, internationalized UI, role-specific workflow, and seamless enterprise integration that's driven by our valued customers. With the advancement in SaaS, portal technology, HTML 5, and applications for mobile devices, the timing couldn't be better." He added, "This is a special group of people; brilliant, experienced, and extremely competitive. It's no wonder that they're seen by the industry as the leading innovators in their field."

Alex has B.S. degrees in both Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from University of California, Riverside.

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