Dane County Credit Union signs with Geezeo

Source: Geezeo

Geezeo, a diversified FinTech firm that offers online financial management (OFM) tools, personal financial management (PFM), social networking and web-based marketing platforms to financial institutions, announced today that Dane County Credit Union, based in Madison, Wisconsin, has selected Geezeo to provide a PFM solution platform.

"We are excited about our partnership with Geezeo," said Bonnie Rosenmeier, Dane County Credit Union's Marketing VP. "Adding a personal financial management tool to our online services will enhance our members' financial situations and simplify their busy lives."

"Dane County Credit Union sees PFM as a key component in their efforts to build a strong product line for their members and potential new members," said Steven Nigri, Geezeo's VP of Sales. "This is a credit union that has served the Dane County community through a variety of means over the years and they clearly want to provide the latest online technologies."

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