Serverside card customisation patent wins EU endorsement

Source: Serverside

Serverside Group Limited announced today that its card customisation patent, No. EP1602072, which had been subject to a challenge in opposition proceedings, has been maintained without amendments to the claims in an oral hearing by the European Patent Office. A written decision is expected imminently.

Adam Elgar, President, commented: "This was our first patent to come to grant. It was opposed by two parties: the first, Gemalto N.V., dropped its participation and took a major investment in Serverside in 2009; the second, Dimpledough, Inc., is currently defending a multiple patent suit claim we have brought against it, and other parties, in the United States. I am delighted that the European Patent Office has confirmed its original decision to grant us this patent."

Adam's brother, Tom Elgar, Chief Technical Officer, added: "The opposition proceedings itself indicated that the patent has considerable value in the digital card customisation market that we created. Together with the other patents that we have been granted around the world, and patent applications which we expect to come to grant, Serverside is consolidating a commanding position in the digital card customisation market."

Dr Justin Hill, the European Patent Attorney responsible for Serverside Group's patent portfolio, remarked: "This endorsement from the European Patent Office of Serverside's earliest patent family follows a rigorous testing of the patent validity. Third parties now know that European Patent Number 1602072 has recently withstood challenges based on the prior art two competitors felt was closest."

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