Sterci is SwiftReady for reconciliation

Source: Sterci

STERCI, the international leader in SOA solutions for STP, is pleased to announce that for seven consecutive years now, it has passed the SWIFTReady Reconciliation certification with STEMATCH version 11. STERCI is proud to be the first reconciliation vendor to have successfully renewed their label for 2011.

STEMATCH is an enterprise-wide reconciliation and exception management product. Simple to implement and easy to use, STEMATCH offers real time reconciliation for all business lines and market instruments including, cash, general ledger, bank accounts, securities transactions, custodians holdings, funds, treasury, foreign exchange, money markets and precious metals. Its flexibility and generic capabilities provides an excellent automatic matching rate for both internal and external data sources in any format including SWIFT, XML, Excel, ATM, Card, FIX, SIC, SECOM and SARIE.

In addition, STEMATCH is much more than just a matching engine. Thanks to its unlimited combinations of business driven rules, STEMATCH provides extended facilities for exceptions and investigations through user-defined alarms, pre-formatted claims and queries, outstanding and basket views and exceptions follow up. The new dashboard-reporting module provides a means of reducing risk, based on dynamic views that can be built independently by the user.

The SWIFTReady programme incorporates stringent SWIFT specific criteria, which are reviewed annually. Companies meeting these criteria are awarded a SWIFTReady label. This label guides customers in their selection of a supplier and provides a guarantee that the product or service meets the highest levels of quality.

Etienne Savatier, associate director of Sterci, adds:"We are happy to be first reconciliation vendor to have renewed our SWIFT label in 2011 which rewards our continuous investment in our STEMATCH product. We have today the best-in-class solution for enterprise-wide reconciliation."

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