Swissrisk X-Gen gets SwiftReady Financial EAI label

Source: Swissrisk Financial Systems

Swissrisk Financial Systems, announced today that it's Financial Messaging and Workflow solution, X-Gen, has been certified with its thirteenth consecutive SwiftReady Financial EAI label.

The SWIFTReady Financial EAI label was first awarded in 1999 to Swissrisk. The successful renewal of this label demonstrates Swissrisk's ongoing commitment to provide fully SWIFT compliant solutions to the financial industry.

Every year, SWIFT awards product certification labels in order to provide its members with quality criteria to assist them in the choice of software solutions. To be awarded a label, the software must fulfill and comply with a set of criteria which reflect its capability to provide message processing automation in the SWIFT context. The requirements are updated every year, and providers' solutions have to undergo the annual SWIFT assessments.

"We are aware of our responsibility towards our customers and do therefore constantly enhance our market leading solutions. The win of new clients such as European Fund Administration a Societe Generale Bank & Trust (Luxemburg) underpins X-Gen´s attractiveness for the financial industry." stated Georg Sauberer, Swissrisk's Area Manager Financial Messaging & Workflow

Dirk Vesper, Swissrisk's Head of X-Gen Product Development, remarked, "X-Gen brings an extensive catalogue of SWIFT related functionality and is ready for SWIFTNet version 7. The upcoming major release 3.6 will contain even more features to simplify the development of custom web applications for business monitoring. As financial processes become more complex, the importance of efficient monitoring and exception handling functionality will increase in the future."

X-Gen supports all ISO 20022 MX rules across all business solutions (e.g. SEPA, Funds, Exceptions & Investigations, Cash Reporting) and is already full SOA and WEB Services compliant, and supports other non-SWIFT standards within the financial industry, including FIX, EMX, and Telekurs.

X-Gen is used as the central SWIFT and message Hub for all kinds of messaging formats within financial institutions. X-Gen customers have leveraged their existing infrastructure by implementing it, where all new or revised SWIFT standards are automatically incorporated in every new upgrade and release.

Additionally, it can be deployed as a central framework to integrate customized applications into the existing IT standard application environment. X-Gen is expressly designed to improve STP across applications, using advanced, visually-based Workflow to mediate changes in business processes and to streamline exception handling.

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