Linedata unveils Ekip360

Source: Linedata

Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider for the investment management and credit community, today presents Linedata Ekip360, the new release of its flagship global front-to-back lending and asset finance solution.

Linedata Ekip360 delivers intuitive and powerful interfaces that give business users a highly automated and personalised environment. The solution is flexible and configurable and helps financial institutions respond quickly to market changes and regulations.

Alain Mattei, Chief Operating Officer of the leasing and credit activity for Linedata, said: "In Europe, the lending and asset finance industry is focussed on managing risk both on the commercial and customer side. In other parts of the world, however, such as Asia or Latin America, the market is experiencing rapid growth, and companies are interested in reducing time to market and making decisions more efficiently. Linedata Ekip360 has unparalleled functionality and combines all types of leasing and loan contracts in one software package that can scale up to support a company's growth whether it pursues a geographical or product growth strategy."

Linedata Ekip360 helps companies to optimise contract management and it offers a 360-degree graphical view of the contract as well as full history and behavioural data. This ensures consistent communications with the clients from first proposal to contract termination. Linedata Ekip360 increases integration of front-to-back office and offers a single workstation to manage new and existing contracts. For financial institutions, Linedata Ekip delivers agility, enabling them to rapidly respond to market changes with new offerings.

João Violante, Product Manager of Linedata for the leasing and credit activity, said: "We have invested heavily in this major technology overhaul of Linedata Ekip360. With our innovations in Linedata Ekip we give an immense competitive advantage to our clients. We enable users to be more efficient and manage contracts more effectively. They can improve their customer service while keeping risk under control."

Linedata Ekip 360 runs on a Unix platform, is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and employs Rich Internet Applications (RIA) in its new user interfaces. Linedata Ekip360 is modular and easy to integrate with a company's existing CRM and peripheral systems.

Linedata Ekip is deployed in 25 countries, serves over 100 clients and can manage up to 12 million contracts. Linedata Ekip capabilities span the front, middle and back office providing comprehensive business coverage from marketing to accounting. It covers all the lending and leasing operations of both retail and commercial finance from consumer finance, vehicule finance, asset finance and real estate finance. Linedata Ekip is offered with a comprehensive range of service from implementation to maintenance.

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