SkySparc upgrades SkyReport

Source: SkySparc

SkySparc's SkyReport solution for advanced financial reporting and fully automated testing has been enhanced to allow central banks and government debt offices to regression test Swift messages between old and upgraded systems.

The many Wall Street Systems clients who use the advanced SWIFT module of Wallstreet Suite can now benefit from automated regression testing of all types of SWIFT MT-series messages including header and footer information, supporting the entire test cycle from deal entry to comparing the resulting messages created from the transaction.

Because of the critical nature of SWIFT financial messaging to organisations such as central banks and government debt offices, the upgrade of any system that connects to the SWIFT infrastructure requires careful testing to ensure that message format and content remains consistent. Until now this has required much time-consuming and error-prone manual work, comparing messages field-by-field on screen or paper, or submitting the messages into the SWIFT network and inspecting the results manually.

"With the release of SkyREPORT 3.6 we are enabling our clients to automate this critical process, significantly improve the quality of their testing and decrease the risk and time taken on upgrade projects," says Thomas Bergqvist, partner, SkySparc. "This would be particularly useful for organisations upgrading between versions of Wallstreet Suite anywhere from v6 to the latest v7.4.5," says Mr Bergqvist. "But it can also be used to regression test differences in SWIFT messages between any other systems too."

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