Marfin Laiki Bank rolls out Mighter trading floor tech

Source: Mighter

Mighter Limited, one of the world's leading suppliers of Trading Floor Desktop Technology in conjunction with its Cypriot partner, Omnitek, recently completed the successful installation of Marfin Laiki Bank's trading floor, which is its second in Cyprus this year.

Keeping the current global economy in mind, Marfin Laiki Bank, a member of the Marfin Popular Bank group, conducted an extensive evaluation of trading costs and set out to lower them through improved trading peripherals.

Evaluating a number of supplier's equipment, solutions and costs, the bank determined that the Mighter/Omnitek offering was best suited to not only upgrade to today's trading floor technology, but also significantly lower their overall yearly Market Data expenditures, through intelligent device sharing as well as lower trader downtime caused by equipment failures.

This decision was based upon a number of factors which included functionality, ease of use, installation, maintenance and support, reliability and of course pricing. "Mighter's pricing came in at approximately 50% of the nearest competitor, with easier installation, usability and greater reliability, combined with Omnitek's excellent support team, the choice was easy" according to the banks Head of Trading, Chris Orphanou. He added that the installation went "very smoothly and quickly, and our traders are delighted with their new trading environment, keyboards and equipment".

Some of the equipment chosen was Mighter's flagship product, the SPOT trading keyboard coupled with the Mighter contention unit allowing multiple traders to view a single trading platform while giving them keyboard and mouse access as needed. "By removing underused PC and trading codes and by connecting a single point of access via a multiplatform keyboard or switch you can easily lower monthly licensing costs and exchange fees" says Mike Murton, Mighter's CEO.

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