InfoReach introduces hosted EMS

Source: InfoReach

Global electronic trading technology provider InfoReach is eliminating the worry, risk and unnecessary costs that can arise when choosing an Execution Management System (EMS) for institutional trading and analysis.

The new InfoReach Prelude is a full-featured, multi-asset EMS that provides an extraordinary value proposition for both traders and brokers:
• Considerably lower pricing than InfoReach's enterprise-strength Trade Management System (TMS)
• Licensing availability on a month-to-month basis--no need to commit to a long-term contract
• Allocation-based pricing for broker sponsorship that scales the monthly license fee across participating brokers according to utilization
• Immediate deployment and hosted service let brokers offer clients a high-performance trading system without the costs of IT development and support
• No-risk sponsorship for brokers with monthly licensing: If their clients don't use Prelude, no fee is charged

Prelude is the hosted, pre-configured version of InfoReach's high-powered, scalable TMS (Trade Management System). Ideal for traders who do not require significant customization to their trading system, Prelude provides the advanced functionality of the TMS, but as a solution fully hosted by InfoReach. Prelude comes loaded with popular execution algorithms and also provides access to over 500 algorithms of nearly 40 global brokers.

"Many participants in the global capital markets are constrained by budgetary concerns, yet they still need sophisticated trading and analysis tools if they're going to stay competitive and achieve best execution," explains InfoReach CEO Allen Zaydlin. "Prelude is the answer for traders and brokers alike who want to reduce trading system costs without sacrificing capabilities or performance," he adds.

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