Celebrus partners Distinct for online customer insight

Source: Celebrus

Celebrus Technologies, the online customer insight provider, has partnered with Distinct, a data-driven management consultancy and outsourcing services provider, to provide a detailed, multi-channel view of individual website visitors' activity to clients from the Insurance and Banking sectors.

Celebrus will provide highly detailed data and visitor activity profiles from the online channel which will be combined with data from other channels through Distinct's iSuite analytic service. This combination of data from the various channels will create a Customer Data Hub - a repository of records of customers' and visitors' behavior and experience of an organization, typically involving a set of 'visitor profiles' comprised of data from online and offline channels.

Recently merged with the WD Scott Group, Distinct has a deep knowledge of the Insurance and Banking sectors, which enables it to design market-leading business solutions to support clients in meeting their business challenges with a wide global reach. Distinct provides clients with the ability to improve productivity, profitability and competitiveness by delivering strategies and transformational change programs through the practical application of business and customer intelligence.

The Celebrus software will allow Distinct clients to record every online visitor's interaction with their site, identify returning visitors and build detailed records of their activity, including routes to and from the site, motivations for visiting the site and precisely which areas of the clients' services are of interest. This data is then combined with the customer data collected from other business sources to build a Customer Data Hub. Distinct will then analyze this customer data to identify opportunities to increase revenue through, for example, presenting tailored offers to customers based on their previous interaction with the client website.

Orla Fitzpatrick, Partner at Distinct Business Consulting, comments, "At Distinct, we enable our clients to adapt and develop to changing markets through the application of practical business and customer intelligence, using data collected from all pertinent channels. Offering our existing and potential clients the Celebrus technology means that they have access s to a unique tool - the most conclusive of its type - combined with our existing technology portfolio and consultancy skills. Together, we can therefore offer our clients a package that enables a deeper understanding of their customers' activities and the development of targeted sales and marketing campaigns with significantly higher response rates. This in turn maximizes marketing efficiency, increases conversion rates and shortens the sales cycles."

Malcolm Duckett, VP Strategic Marketing, Speed-Trap Holdings (Celebrus Technologies' parent company), concludes, "The data that we are able to collect on an individual's activity through the online channel is extremely detailed and invaluable when making marketing and sales decisions. Yet, when combined with the clients' data from other channels and the Distinct analytical capability, a powerful Customer Data Hub is built, where every individual visitor's activity across all channels is recorded as a coherent whole, building a profile that can be fed into intelligent marketing programmes. Partnering with Distinct will therefore allow us to demonstrate the power of our technology and the importance of Customer Data Hubs to a wider audience in important industry sectors."

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