Orange opens app store for trading desktop

Source: Orange Business Services

Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions, the leader in voice and electronic trading infrastructure and services for the trading communities, today announced at SIFMA 2011 in New York the launch of Open Trade Store.

This application store is for its smart turret, Open Trade, launched last year. Developed as a personal trading assistant, Open Trade is a multimedia communications hub integrating voice, video, email, instant messaging and web-based applications.

Open Trade Store is the application portal model for the trading desktop which allows customers to access business and lifestyle applications on Open Trade. Optimised for the Open Trade interface, these apps enhance trading activities. At the same time they improve on the information and functionality already delivered by Trading Solutions making businesses more productive. Users can switch from one app to another whilst still being able to use the phone for trading purposes. For example one can check financial information in real-time, convert equity prices into another currency, watch live TV and trade all at the same time.

The Open Trade Store application catalogue contains some of the biggest names in trading. It includes multimedia, compliance as well as the latest social media apps available enabling users to react quickly and successfully to new market and revenue opportunities. As more apps are added to the store, trading institutions can access them in one touch. This allows traders, analysts or sales people to cost-effectively customise the communications tool to their specific job requirements.

"Today's trading environment is characterised by numerous internal and external relationships conducted across multiple communication channels, generating vast quantities of data. To manage the complexity of this environment, trader's require intuitive and adaptable technology that helps to organise and add value to those relationships within a single customisable interface," said Matt Clay, senior research analyst, IDC Financial Insights.

Listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, vwd group, a leading workflow solution provider for the European financial markets, is amongst the first to collaborate with Trading Solutions to produce an app for Open Trade Store. Specialists in the custom made distribution of financial information, vwd offers solutions which increase transparency and help customers make better informed business decisions. Users of the new app will be able to access a snap shot of main financial markets such as the FTSE or NASDAQ with values displayed in green for inclining, red for declining and grey for static prices. This app enables traders to focus on specific market values, and see for example how it has performed over the last few days, providing them with better market insight. Secondly, vwd group created a geographical currency converter for Open Trade Store, allowing traders to check prices by region at the touch of a button. Most importantly both these functions will not disrupt anything else they are doing on the Open Trade device.

"We developed an application tailored specifically for Open Trade Store taking into account the size of the platform and carefully studying its ergonomics to make it quick and easy to use. The real-time information is updated automatically ensuring that users have the most current information in the market. This collaboration with Trading Solutions shows how technology is evolving and we are excited to be part of this step forward in trading technology", said Richard de Rooij, Business Director at vwd group.

Open Trade Store allows better customer relationship management by providing real-time information on the market and customer status. All applications, though visible on the Open Trade device, are stored on either the public or the private stores. The private store contains the customers' private data and tailored apps to that specific organisation; the public store contains all other applications from Trading Solutions and various third parties. This ensures that telephony from the Open Trade device is completely secure but also gives users the option of accessing the store wherever they are located if Open Trade Store is installed at the specific site.

"Open Trade Store is a revolution in desktop trading software and will change the way Open Trade users work, for the better. Traders, analysts and sales people will be able to interact faster than ever before with this modern technology enabling them to make smarter decisions with the latest market information", said Lionel Grosclaude, CEO of Orange Business Services - Trading Solutions.

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