Cogency Software unveils portfolio planning tool

Source: Cogency Software

Cogency Software, a provider of portfolio management and accounting solutions for multi-manager investment firms, today announced the launch of Portfolio Construction.

This portfolio planning tool, the latest module in the Cogency Insight integrated product suite, allows investment professionals to build and analyze hypothetical portfolio scenarios and move selected trades easily through the approval process and into the live portfolio.

With the resurgence of the fund of funds industry and new capital flowing in, funds have an increased need to quickly and strategically deploy that capital. Portfolio managers at top funds juggle scenarios of daunting complexity every day. Finding complete and up-to-date information for critical investment decisions can be challenging - and often the data simply isn't there to be found. Portfolio Construction solves these problems, bringing together rich, best-available information from the portfolio and accounting functions, creating a smooth workflow between the front, middle and back office.

What sets Cogency Portfolio Construction apart is that it is built on a foundation of well-tried production applications - and on the shopping lists of the portfolio managers using them.

"That is the advantage of our partnership with multi-manager funds," says Cogency CEO Jeffrey Axelrod. "Because we work closely with the marquee funds we count as clients, our team was able to identify best practices for portfolio planning and build those practices into Portfolio Construction. We then added the wish-list items, the features that clients told us they want for portfolio planning and don't have."

Cogency Portfolio Construction allows investment professionals to:

• Streamline and enhance the investment decision making process
• Deploy capital in accordance with their investment guidelines
• Automatically create an audit trail of the scenario approval process
• Share relevant information with middle- and back-office without duplicating effort

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