Harbor Federal Credit Union live on Corelation platform

Source: Corelation

On Monday, June 6, 2011, just like on any other Monday in the history of Harbor Federal Credit Union ($93 million; 10,569 members; Carson, CA), the doors opened and members filed in, managing their finances and chatting with their familiar tellers.

Except this Monday, unbeknownst to the members, the credit union was taking a huge step forward as they became the first live client ofCorelation, Inc.,the newest credit union core processing vendor. Corelations new KeyStone platform will be put to the test in the coming days and weeks, but after more than six years of development by a team of programmers renowned across the industry, on this opening day the pioneering institution carried an air of excitement and anticipation for the systems potential. Of particular note was the enthusiasm and confidence expressed by Harbors CEO, Tina Fugelsang.

"We've literally watched the system be built in front of our eyes," said Fugelsang," so we know what it's capable of. What's great is that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg for what KeyStone can do. This is a great day in the history of our credit union."

That positive energy is music to the ears of Corelation's President, Theresa Benavidez. "The trust and patience Tina and Harbor's staff have given us has been invaluable as we progressed to this day, and now that it's here we are so proud and excited by how well it has gone. This is a moment our company will never forget."

Even John Landis, the Founder and Principal Architect of Corelation's KeyStone, was excited. "It has taken a tremendous amount of hard work to get to this point, but there is so much more the team we've put together can do. I'm so happy with the success of this first conversion, but to be honest I'm anxious to get back to the drawing board and push this system even further."

The Corelation team will indeed continue to push KeyStone to new heights, as the first client to sign with Corelation - Cabrillo Credit Union of San Diego - will convert in September, to be followed by Oregon Pioneer FCU of Portland in October. With the motivation from an initial rollout and with a combination of ability and desire on their side, the future looks very exciting for this young company and its clients.

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