SunGard launches Ambit Profitability

Source: SunGard

SunGard has launched its Ambit Profitability solution to help banks enhance their risk-adjusted profitability and performance while complying with industry regulations.

The solution will help banks improve transparency into their businesses by helping them analyze and segment profitability by manager, branch, business unit and product. Ambit Profitability will assist banks in identifying and retaining their most profitable clients and optimizing products and services to help improve net margins, efficiency and risk-adjusted return on capital. Additionally, Ambit Profitability will help banks during post acquisition analysis to determine what areas of the merged entity are profitable and should be retained.

SunGard's Ambit Profitability helps banks address tighter margins which are a result of diminished client confidence and stricter capital and liquidity regulatory requirements. Ambit Profitability also provides banks with the ability to comprehensively assess risk-adjusted profitability and create internal levers that can be used to improve margins and efficiency. With Ambit Profitability, banks can target appropriately priced products and services to help better meet client needs and rebuild lost confidence. The solution provides transparency and reporting capabilities to help banks comply with regulatory requirements for capital, liquidity and incentive compensation.

Andreas Hug, vice president of SunGard's Ambit Risk & Performance business unit, said, "We operate in a new financial environment where clients have become more cautious and regulatory compliance increasingly stringent. This has significantly impacted profitability and banks therefore need to ensure that core assets - clients, staff and capital-- are managed in a balanced, risk-averse and profit-focused manner. SunGard's Ambit Profitability is a multidimensional analytical solution that can help banks discover what's driving or affecting the profitability of their business. This transparency will aid agile, well-informed decision making, enhance performance and help banks become well-managed."

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