Collis gets MasterCard accreditation

Source: Collis

Collis is proud to announce that the Collis Test Centre has been successfully accredited by MasterCard Worldwide to deliver CPV & (M-)TIP MasterCard Formal Approval Services mandated by MasterCard.

The Collis Test Centre is very pleased that it is now a service provider accredited by MasterCard Worldwide to deliver chip implementation services for MasterCard® Card Personalisation Validation (CPV) and Terminal Integration Process (TIP & M-TIP) services.

Accreditation for Formal Approval Services combined with prior accreditation for delivering chip-related training & consulting services in the Guidance and the Technical Support categories and a range of Collis Test Tools qualified by MasterCard Worldwide, enables Collis to extend its portfolio of solutions for issuers and acquirers worldwide and strengthens its commitment to provide them with high-quality services, tools, and training. All in all, Collis is capable of giving issuers and acquirers a competitive edge in bringing the best products to market quickly while reducing costs and risks.

Collis' services for MasterCard Formal Approval CPV Services include the use of the Collis EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (PVT) which is qualified by MasterCard Worldwide for card personalization validation by the issuer in preparation of the formal CPV service. The Collis Brand Test Tool (BTT) incorporates the Collis Card Simulator qualified by MasterCard Worldwide and supports an acquirer in Contact TIP Validation and Contact NIV Validation.

MasterCard Formal Approval Services for CPV, M-TIP and PayPass TIP test that card and terminal products carrying MasterCard brands, or accepting MasterCard branded M/Chip & PayPass payment applications, meet the minimum quality and interoperability requirements specified by MasterCard. MasterCard mandates that issuers and acquirers introducing a new card or terminal to go through CPV or TIP Formal Approval Services of MasterCard Worldwide. This enables early detection of issues which reduces further costs and the time-to-market.

Christian Delporte, Head of Chip Engineering at MasterCard commented: "We are pleased that Collis, a recognized player in the chip market, is accredited as the second Formal Approval Service Provider for delivery of CPV, TIP and M-TIP services to MasterCard customers. MasterCard customers now can choose their preferred chip service provider. MasterCard Worldwide informs its customers about accredited service providers via the MasterCard OnLineTM website which reflects the latest status of all companies accredited by MasterCard Worldwide."

Berend van Geffen, Chief Commercial Officer at Collis, added: "Collis is very pleased to be awarded with the accreditation for delivering MasterCard Formal Approval Services for TIP & CPV via our Test Centre. With this accreditation Collis can intensify its commitment to support issuers and acquirers in reducing risks and time-to-market of their chip projects. We look forward to working together with MasterCard, issuers and acquirers worldwide to enable compliance and interoperability by delivering expert services and the most up-to-date test tools to the market."


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