Ingenico commissioned by Visa for black cab contactless effort

Source: Ingenico

Ingenico (Euronext : FR0000125346 - ING), leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, today announced the launch of a contactless payment solution for London 's famous 'Black Cab' taxis. The solution was developed as part of a Visa Europe-led initiative to increase card acceptance in London's taxis.

Based on Ingenico's leading iCT250 device with GPRS, contactless and colour screen, it will eventually allow all 25,000 London Black Cab drivers to easily access contactless payment technology while enhancing the consumer experience when commuting in London.

The solution will benefit consumers by making taxis more accessible by offering convenient contactless payments alongside traditional Chip and PIN and magstripe technology. It will also deliver for drivers the potential for increased fares, reduction in ATM stops, improved tip acceptance process and reduced cash handling. Ingenico's solution, also allows for the delivery of additional Value Added Services such as mobile phone top up, which will further increase the revenue generated for the Black Cab drivers.

Ingenico has again demonstrated its world class culture of innovation by unlocking the power of contactless technology for London's Black Cabs'. Providing this technology for Visa Europe's initiative has allowed Ingenico to deliver a leading taxi payment solution which will greatly enhance the consumer experience of contactless payments in London." said Cillian Wright, Head of Global Partnerships in Ingenico.

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