RTS group boasts 79% increase in Q1 net profit

Source: RTS Group

RTS Group reports a RUB267 million net profit for Q1 2011, a 79% increase, compared to RUB147 million for the same period last year.

According to the unaudited IFRS financial statements of RTS Group for Q1 2011 the fee income grew by 40% to RUB436 million.

The fee income growth is mainly attributable to the increase in the trading volume on the Russian derivatives market. The RTS Group's income generated from trading on the derivatives market in Q1 2011 went up by 75% to reach RUB242 million, compared to RUB138 million for the same period last year. In addition the income from trading on the cash equities market in Q1 2011 rose by 13% to RUB70 million, and the depository services income grew by 33% to RUB75 million.

Interest income and other income rose by 50% to reach RUB427 million.

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