Handeslbanken taps Corvil for network troubleshooting

Source: Corvil

Corvil, a provider of latency management systems for high performance trading and market data, today announced that Handelsbanken, one of Sweden's leading banks, is using Corvil's latency management solution for proactive monitoring and rapid troubleshooting of the Handelsbanken network and trading infrastructure. Corvil is used to proactively manage bandwidth usage to minimize trading floor errors.

Handelsbanken has been using Corvil technology in its network infrastructure to monitor bandwidth utilization in microseconds for its trading floor. Handelsbanken highlighted the microvisibility they have gained into their network with the deployment. The CorvilNet platform provides a very granular view of bandwidth utilization and traffic bursting, along with event analysis and flexible reporting, enabling the immediate identification of the root-cause of latency in their network infrastructure.

"With the CorvilNet solution we have gained tremendous insight into network performance. The microsecond visibility of bandwidth utilization means that we now know exactly how our network is performing in real time, even at market peaks. The granular level of analysis and reporting has brought a significant benefit to the business by reducing the time it takes us to handle errors for our trading floor," said Peter Hoglund Manager at Handelsbanken.

At the core of the Handelsbanken network are 10 Gbps Corvil appliances monitoring key application traffic. Corvil monitors internal traffic flows as well as traffic out to key venues in Scandinavia and further afield. Corvil's unified approach to latency management enables the analysis of order response latency along with the comparable TCP network latencies.

"Financial institutions manage large volumes of high-value transactions that require best in class technology and performance. The network plays a critical role in this environment. CorvilNet enables Handelsbanken to specify thresholds against microburst activity, latency, and loss, when these thresholds are breached detailed analytics allow them to examine in full the events that caused the performance degradation. This significantly reduces the time spent identifying and resolving network performance issues. We are delighted that our CorvilNet solution is being used to provide this capability," said Corvil CEO, Donal Byrne.

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