Bankinter signs for Swissrisk FinTrace

Source: Swissrisk Financial Systems

Swissrisk Financial Systems has gained a new client for its product FinTrace.

After going through a hard selection process Swissrisk's exceptions and investigation solution FinTRACE has been selected by Bankinter to automate the investigation process for financial transactions. The system will replace manual investigation handling with a fully electronic case management process supporting SWIFT, Email, as well as providing direct connectivity to internal applications. A major part of the implementation will cover "SWIFTNet Exceptions and Investigations", a new ISO20022 XML-based workflow which will set international standards for payment investigations.

FinTRACE is a fully rule-based case management system which is used by financial institutions to automate the investigation process for financial transactions, for example in the area of payments, securities and FX/Money Market. FinTRACE has a comprehensive web-based user front end and is SWIFT Ready certified for Exceptions and Investigations.

Mr. Francisco Martinez, Head of Operations, "As one of the most innovative Spanish banks we want to adapt to the latest changes of the payment industry. We would like to continue providing our customers with the best service. Our decision on FinTRACE was based on the high level of functionality, flexibility and user friendliness."

Mirta Fortes, Product Management at Swissrisk said, "FinTRACE is a flexible investigation case management system which perfectly adapts to Bankinter requirements. We are very happy to add such a well known banking institution as it is Bankinter to our FinTRACE client list."

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