BilltoMobile goes global

Source: BilltoMobile

BilltoMobile™, the leading provider of mobile payments for web purchases in the U.S., today announced it will be launching BilltoMobile payment service globally, offering U.S.-based online digital goods and services merchants the ability to process web purchases on 200+ carriers in more than 60 countries with one simple integration into the BilltoMobile payments platform.

BilltoMobile is the leading e-commerce mobile payments platform in the U.S., and is contracted with the top three U.S. carriers (Verizon Wireless, AT&T and Sprint) for its proprietary Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) service. With leading services in the U.S. and Asia (through its majority shareholder, Danal Co, Ltd.), BilltoMobile is establishing connections with best-in-class mobile payments providers for the Rest-of-World (ROW), and is partnering with Mobile First, a U.S.-based mobile payments company with broad global carrier reach and over eight years of operating experience. Combining Danal Co., Ltd.'s reach and the Mobile First partnership, BilltoMobile merchants now have access to more than 200 mobile operators and billions of mobile subscribers in the EU, Asia and South America. The new global service offering will launch next month.

BilltoMobile will also select one or two additional partners for ROW to capitalize on the fragmentation and gaps throughout various geographical locales. In Europe for example, there are more than a half dozen leading mobile payments providers -- depending on the countries. By establishing strong partnerships with top mobile payment companies that represent the most advanced payment technologies and competitive rates in their own geographic areas of strength, BilltoMobile has positioned this new service to provide its merchants with the best rates and practices globally over time.

"The global mobile payments market -- and in particular the EU -- is still very fragmented, and no one payment company has been able to establish the consistency and clear cut 'best operations and rates' globally that BilltoMobile has been able to attain with our Direct Carrier Billing service across the U.S.," said Jim Greenwell, president and CEO, BilltoMobile. "We decided that a 'best in class' partnership approach to this fragmented global market was in the best interest of our merchant partners."

Steve Klebe, BilltoMobile's Vice President, Business Development and Strategy added, "Carrier billing is evolving rapidly and there is a lot of confusion in the market about rates, refunds, payment process flows, reporting, accessible channels and more. BilltoMobile is leveraging its position in the U.S. market, along with its heritage from Danal Co., Ltd and new partnerships with top mobile payment companies globally, to take the risk and guesswork out of the global mobile payments choice for our U.S. merchants."

The company expects steady progress with carriers adopting BilltoMobile's and Danal's Direct Carrier Billing service in North America, the EU and other regions. BilltoMobile will soon be announcing additional live carriers and new agreements with a fast growing list of mobile carriers, resellers, merchants and payment partners.

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