Yipes launches e-trading platform

Source: Yipes Enterprise Services

Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc. today announced the availability of Yipes FinancialConnect!, a scalable network solution that provides banks, brokers, hedge funds, institutional investors and investment managers with simple, scalable and cost-effective access to the largest Exchanges, ECNs, liquidity pools and trading platforms.

Using its Gigabit Ethernet Network, Yipes provides Yipes FinancialConnect! members with fast and scalable access to critical market information and services from 1Mbps to 1Gbps in 1 meg increments. The Yipes FinancialConnect! community can access some of the largest providers of market data, trade handling, execution and post-trade services, including:

  • ACTIV Financial
  • Belzberg Technologies
  • Boston Options Exchange
  • Inet ATS
  • Lava Trading
  • Philadelphia Stock Exchange
  • Trading Technologies

In addition, as a Layer 2 network, Yipes supports the following protocols to enable transparent access to popular market data feeds: UDP multicast, TCP/IP, FIX and ITCH.

"We are fortunate to have built a strong reputation in the financial community," said Keao Caindec, Yipes vice president of marketing. "With the increasing importance of speed and reliability in electronic trading, the financial community continues to demand performance and scalability to support their growing requirements. FinancialConnect! addresses these issues and meets this growing demand in the financial market."

"With Yipes, our customers are able to access the Activ Content Platform (ACP), a real-time financial information management platform and our consolidated exchange data feed in a cost-effective manner that is easy to integrate and scale," said Steve McNeany, chief executive officer of ACTIV Financial.

Yipes established FinancialConnect! to fill an unmet network need among trading platforms and financial exchanges. The rapid growth of electronic trading has left many in the financial community struggling to economically and securely scale access to global market data feeds. Yipes addresses these issues by matching simple, scalable and highly robust Ethernet services with direct access to financial data. The result is a 30 to 70 per cent total cost of ownership reduction and the ability for these organizations to handle multiple data feeds over a less expensive infrastructure.

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