IPC Systems and FFastFill team up

Source: IPC Systems

IPC Systems, a leading provider of electronic trading communications solutions to the world's top financial services firms and global enterprises, has partnered with FFastFill to make its pre-trade, post-trade and straight through processing services available to members of IPC's Electronic Connectivity Services (ECS) community.

FFastFill is the leading provider of application services to the global derivatives community, and trading customers using IPC's secure global financial network will be able to take advantage of FFastFill's hosted execution platform to secure non-member access to exchanges and trading venues across the world.

FFastFill's broad range of application services leverages the company's fully hosted Software-as-a-Service model to enable customers to trade a multitude of exchanges with minimal latency. Using the new FFastFill Horizon service, customers of IPC's Electronic Connectivity Services who are without direct exchange or market memberships can now gain access to over 60 international trading venues across the North American, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions simply by using other member firms' market access.

"With new trading platforms proliferating, firms increasingly need access to venues where they typically don't have memberships. FFastFill's new Horizon service successfully removes the requirement for expensive third party connectivity or time-consuming broker-to-broker integration activities, resulting in reduced time to market and much greater flexibility in terms of broker coverage," commented Robert Walton, FFastFill's Managing Director, Business Development. "Services like Horizon that can create that access quickly, cheaply and efficiently are set to change the way clients trade on new markets, and we're delighted that IPC is making the service available to its global community of more than 4,000 trading firms."

"IPC's private and secure Electronic Connectivity Services financial network already connects thousands of financial market trading participants worldwide, making our community an ideal partner for FFastFill and its portfolio of electronic trading applications," added David Brown, senior vice president, Global Operations for IPC Systems. "Both FFastFill and IPC are committed to providing an optimum trading services environment, and we look forward to enabling our Electronic Connectivity Services customers to both trade on new markets, as well as attract new order flows for venues where they are existing members."

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