Barclays selects Easypress ADP for annual report production

Source: Easypress Technologies

Easypress Technologies, an online publishing software company, has announced that Further Creative and Barclays have used the Easypress Atomik Dynamic Publisher (ADP) system to help improve production in this year's Corporate reporting project.

Using ADP, report contributors from Barclays and it's design agency - Further Creative - can work collaboratively to edit, proof and approve a range of Barclays Annual Reporting with ease, bringing efficiencies and improvements to the process.

This year, Barclays corporate reporting suite amounts to over 500 pages across multiple documents supplied by over 30 contributors. Before ADP was introduced, internal review and communication of amendments to Further Creative was a complex and unwieldy process, with version control almost impossible to manage. Previous years have seen a manual markup process requiring increasingly larger volumes of paper proofs.

ADP addressed these issues by providing internal reviewers at Barclays with a powerful, convenient, browser-based way to view, edit and update entire documents remotely from their own computer, ensuring that constantly changing information is accurate, even when present in multiple document locations. This ensured that the Further Creative team always had current copy to work with in the design of the underlying Adobe InDesign documents and much improved versioning, including an audit trail of amends made by users to each proof.

Bojana Flint, Associate Director - Investor Relations at Barclays said: "The annual reporting process puts significant time and resource pressures on the business. They are absolutely vital documents and working with our design agency partner, we were keen to bring improvements to the process. ADP totally transformed the way we managed the production of our Corporate reporting suite, streamlining elements of the process with it's associated benefits, without compromising accuracy."

Joe Johnson, Head of Client Relationships at Further Creative said: "In the past, delivering Barclays Corporate reporting has been a real challenge involving substantial amends, multiple staff on-site and 24 hour cover. ADP brings efficiencies and benefits to the production process ensuring we can work more collaboratively with Barclays and improve the standards of the end product".

James MacFarlane, CEO at Easypress Technologies said: "It's clear how a company the size of Barclays would have significant problems when it comes to compiling its annual report. From the Design agency's standpoint too, there are many difficulties including version control and typesetting. By eliminating the pressures around document proofing and approval, it just makes everyone's lives easier."

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