SIA-SSB changes name to SIA

Source: SIA

A new company name for SIA-SSB, European leader in financial services and payments systems for banks, central institutions, corporates and public administration bodies, which from today becomes SIA S.p.A.

An evolution for the purpose of simplification, part of the new Strategic Plan for the three-year period 2011-2013, to send a signal of greater familiarity and closeness to the customers and the market.

The name change is accompanied by the restyling of the brand, intended as a symbol of continuity. The lines of the pictogram are now softer, the "full-empty" effect is more harmonious and the Pantone is brighter yet still in the range of reds. The new brand maintains and capitalizes on the "brand equity" of the company, while at the same time presenting it with a more modern and dynamic look, in line with the trend towards innovation that marks out the company in its sector. The brand identity and the restyling of the brand were entrusted to Milanese agency Carmi e Ubertis.

The simplification of the name and brand will offer the enormous advantage of greater applicability and flexibility, also on digital platforms. To sum up, this change is perfectly consistent with the Group's international development strategy, oriented in particular towards the growth of the European market.

To this evolution is added the opening of the new office building at Via Gonin 36 (Lorenteggio district), which will be inaugurated in the second half of 2011 and is located in the eco-technological hub of Milan. This complex stretches out over a total area of 27,000 m² and is designed with innovative architectural solutions which are eco-compatible and sustainable from the environmental viewpoint. The new building, which will merge the current Milan offices in Via Faravelli, Via Taramelli and Viale Certosa, will enable the company to improve overall logistical efficiency while safeguarding and consolidating the already high standards of security it traditionally guarantees, also through significant investments in technology.

"We have taken the move to new offices as an opportunity to interpret, also in the corporate brand, the repositioning arising from the Strategic Plan. The image of modernity and efficiency, combined with a greater openness to the market, is now also conveyed by the brand", commented Sofia Masiello, SIA's Communication Director.

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