Paymetric introduces Data Intercept for SAP customers

Source: Paymetric

Paymetric, the leading provider of integrated and secure enterprise payment acceptance solutions, today announced that the company has officially released Data Intercept for SAP.

Additional Data Intercept solutions have been on the market since last July.

Data Intercept for SAP leverages Paymetric's award-winning XiSecure On-Demand tokenization technology and captures card number values prior to them entering the SAP landscape. The card number is tokenized and the token is returned to SAP where the original payment card field is populated and can be used for authorization. The user experience is seamless, normal workflow can be resumed and day-to-day business activities can be completed using these secure tokens. Data Intercept completely eliminates sensitive cardholder data from being typed directly in a SAP landscape, placing the system in a position to be removed from the scope of Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and minimizing the risk of incurring fees, fines and legal costs associated with a potential data breach. The Ponemon Institute estimates that the average cost of a data security breach has increased from $204 over the past year to $214 per customer record.

"This solution absolutely targets the business risk associated with handling, processing and storing raw cardholder data. Hackers can't get to what a company doesn't have," said Stewart Comrie, VP Product Management, Paymetric. "And that means the merchant's SAP system may not be in scope for a PCI DSS audit. Penalties for non-compliance can be as much as $500,000 per incident, not to mention the cost of making headline news as a result of data integrity compromises. Companies utilizing XiSecure On-Demand with a Data Intercept solution in this manner may simply not have to worry about any of that."

Data Intercept solutions for XiSecure On-Demand currently is available in two options: Data Intercept for eCommerce and Data Intercept Stand-Alone.

"Paymetric continues to drive innovation in the payment security space. Many of our clients are already using a Data Intercept solution today and are experiencing solid results, not to mention sleeping better at night. We want to take the worry about cardholder security off their minds completely," said Larry Wine, CEO, Paymetric.

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