IndiSoft unveils workflow management tool for community banks

Source: IndiSoft

Today's ever-changing business market requires financial institutions, including community banks, to demonstrate agility to remain competitive.

They must have the right technology to assist in that effort. IndiSoft, a technology development firm, offers the workflow technology that enables community banks to not only manage internal workflow but also communicate more efficiently with business partners.

"As more consumers turn to community banks for financial services, the institutions need to ensure their processes are automated and capable of keeping up with the demand," said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and president of IndiSoft. "Community banks are especially poised for growth because today's savvy consumers want to develop personal relationships with their bank, and the RxOffice platform is uniquely suited to manage processes, documents and communications for multiple lines of business."

RxOffice offers case management and a level of open architecture and transparency that has been beneficial to the healthcare and residential mortgage industries. The platform's open architecture allows users to easily modify any process based on legislative or bank-specific changes. RxOffice's multiple modules, including Third Party Vendor and Reporting, enable community banks to maximize efficiency with business partners while effectively managing their books of business.

"At IndiSoft, we want our award-winning technology to be the backbone for improving the business processes that ultimately effect our entire economy," Dahiwadkar explained. "Community banks with the ability to gather and manage consumer information can achieve the goal of improved processes and better customer service, which can spur more banking activity and a stronger community."

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