Mocapay integrates branded cards with mobile wallet

Source: Mocapay

Mocapay today announced the integration of association branded cards into its mobile wallet through the VeriFone Paymedia solution.

Through this partnership, Mocapay merchants will benefit from an additional payment type, the ability to learn critical demographic information about their target consumer, and the ability to engage one-on-one with their customers through Mocapay's integrated mobile marketing database.

Customers using a Mocapay mobile wallet at participating Mocapay enabled merchants will have the ability to connect their association branded payment card to their existing mobile gift and mobile loyalty accounts. This not only creates an additional tender to transact with at a merchant's point-of-sale, but now allows customers to use their preferred tender while continuing to participate in merchant specific loyalty programs - all through their mobile phone.

"This is the first time customers visiting merchants with Mocapay enabled point-of-sale will have the opportunity to pay using association branded payment cards," said Doug Dwyre, president, Mocapay. "Not only will customers earn loyalty points through merchant programs, but also through their existing reward programs with payment cards."

Merchants leveraging Mocapay's mobile marketing engine will continue to learn more about customers with an added layer of transactions paid through association cards registered in customers' mobile wallets. This information will provide additional purchasing behavior and demographics data, enabling better-targeted promotions and offers.


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