Billeo previews ShopSmart iPad app

Source: Billeo

iPad users shop online five times more often than smartphone users -- representing a lucrative market for financial institutions looking to increase commerce-based revenue. To help partners better engage mobile shoppers, drive revenue, and increase brand loyalty, Billeo, Inc. created the ShopSmart iPad app.

ShopSmart is a shopping-specific browser app. It helps Billeo's partners optimize rewards and loyalty programs by layering offers directly into people's search results to alert shoppers when a relevant discount is available. The app also connects shoppers with their Facebook friends, allowing financial institutions to become part of the vibrant online conversations already happening around shopping and daily deals.

Because Billeo integrates offers and rewards directly into online shopping, financial institution partners can connect with shoppers at every point during the decision, from browsing through purchase and beyond -- to reach, engage and incentivize them along the way. In exchange, partners get valuable data, giving financial institutions unprecedented insight into mobile shopping trends.

"Think of this as a way to ride along with the mobile shopping experience, delivering goodies the whole way. And we make it easy for people to spread the love -- with a Facebook integration that mirrors how people share information in the real world," said Murali Subbarao, CEO of Billeo, Inc. "While other technologies target shoppers before or after the purchase, ShopSmart partners interact with people through the entire shopping experience. The solution is win/win; providing shoppers with a better shopping experience and partners with additional revenue streams."

ShopSmart gives people on-the-go access to all their loyalty and rewards programs, saving them time and money by helping them better optimize their financial relationships. The iPad app also allows shoppers to share deals, solicit feedback from Facebook friends and manage daily deal subscriptions.

"People don't want to fumble between apps to get the best deal. They need a single place to find all their current deals and discounts. This also allows partners to cultivate brand loyalty with a broader pool of customers -- from the loyalty program guru to the occasional card user -- driving online card use in a way a merchant-specific app cannot," continued Subbarao.

For almost seven years, Billeo has helped its more than 40 partners -- including Visa and American Express -- better understand and incentivize online consumers. Because Billeo integrates offers and rewards directly into an online shopping experience, Billeo's apps typically provide an eight percent conversion rate for partner financial institutions.

Billeo's ShopSmart iPad app will be available to the general public in the summer of 2011.

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