Notre Dame Federal Credit Union rolls out IMM TotaleAtlasWeb

Source: Integrated Media Management

Integrated Media Management (IMM), a document output management and automation technology provider, today announced that 61,000-member Notre Dame Federal Credit Union has successfully implemented its TotaleAtlasWeb solution as part of its member retention and profitability initiatives.

Notre Dame FCU wanted to extend service to members outside of a branch, not restricting them by brick and mortar locations or traditional operating hours, and recognized IMM's remote digital signature technology as the solution.

A significant portion of Notre Dame FCU's membership is comprised of individuals who become members while attending the university or teaching on campus, so members often closed accounts when graduating or leaving the area for other reasons. Additionally, the credit union's 11 branches are all within the South Bend area, making it difficult to service non-local alumni or even effectively serve surrounding communities.

"We were missing key opportunities to maintain long-term members and enhance the value of those relationships, not to mention develop new ones," said Craig Youngs, vice president and chief information officer of Notre Dame FCU. "In response, we are now enabling them to conduct business away from a branch and at their convenience, which is necessary to achieve any sustained growth. Being a partner of IMM since 2004, we were aware of its innovation, service delivery and proven expertise, and recognized the company's ability to provide us with a highly trusted public key infrastructure (PKI) digital signature functionality that would help propel our expansion."

Because college students are a primary demographic, Notre Dame FCU presented a unique challenge before implementing TotaleAtlasWeb: these members would be unable to address many of the "life" questions involved in the registration process when applying for a student loan or a credit card, items such as multiple job resources or previous residences. The credit union approached IMM with the situation, to which it answered with a new split authentication/verification procedure. The traditional questions were modified and made more relevant to the younger applicant, and in turn students can include a co-signer who receives the standard set of authentication questions.

Youngs added, "Our credit union wanted to be able to retain non-local members, add more convenience for all members and strengthen the account relationships with its youngest members. IMM's TotaleAtlasWeb is making those goals a reality." Also to note, other student loan servicers already had e-signature capabilities, so incorporating this option into Notre Dame FCU's business model via TotaleAtlasWeb serves an added purpose of competitiveness.

"Remote digital signature technology continues to hold value as part of credit unions' member retention and growth strategies, and was particularly important given the natural membership tendencies with Notre Dame FCU," explained Chuck Klein, CEO of Integrated Media Management. "While there are new member opportunities existing every year, the credit union also wanted the opportunity to mature its existing relationships and TotaleAtlasWeb offers that ability."

TotaleAtlasWeb provides secure document viewing and PKI digital signature capture via the Web, supporting financial transactions with the technology required for the signed document to be enforceable and offering users the ability to complete documents online at any time, from any location.

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