Wincor Nixdorf unveils ProView video surveillance for ATMs

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

More and more banks are equipping their ATMs with cameras in order to document cash withdrawals from start to finish, prevent manipulation, and thus increase the security of self-service transactions.

The analysis of the stored images or video footage is very helpful, both when criminals try to alter the device technically and in the clarification of conflict situations. With ProView Video Surveillance, Wincor Nixdorf now offers software that enables both centralized image and video monitoring and image analysis.

The money has been debited from the account, but the customer claims he didn't remove it from the ATM: banks must often clarify conflict situations such as these. A fast answer is possible when images of the device with the transaction in progress, including the removal of the cash, can be retrieved easily from a central location. Another scenario involves manipulation attempts by criminals. If such an attempt is suspected, the situation at the ATM can be analyzed through video monitoring and further steps can be initiated.

Images and videos from devices with online connections can be transmitted to a central system with ProView Video Surveillance, and from there they can be transferred to desktop PCs for analysis. The software can be used as a standalone solution, but is also part of ProView 4.0, the agent solution for controlling and remotely monitoring self-service systems. ProView Video Surveillance consists of two components. The first is ATMeye Core - a software developed by Wincor Nixdorf partner BS/2 that processes image and video data and archives it on the ATM's hard disk. The second is ProView Video Surveillance Central, which controls data transmission and provides the analysis function. Financial institutions that already use ProView can use the new functions simply by updating to ProView 4.0.

ProView has been adapted to address the special requirements of self-service equipment of all kinds. All transaction data is analyzed by the ProView agent on the terminal level and is transferred to the ProView server for processing and output. Today, 220 banks around the world deploy ProView, which makes Wincor Nixdorf the world's market leader in the provision of solutions for agent-based monitoring.

ProView ensures high system availability: precise, detailed information on the operating state of each terminal device enables fast, targeted resolution of any problems. Remote service means repairs can be carried out via electronic access from a central location, ensuring that device downtimes and site visits by technicians can be minimized. The solution thus leads to cost savings and increases the overall profitability of the institution's self-service network.

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