Wealth Management Software launches new IFA products

Source: Wealth Management Software

Wealth Management Software's (WMS) continued investment in the IFA software market has reached a new level with the group announcing the launch of a range of new products geared towards all types and sizes of Financial Advisers, ranging from tied agents to IFAs.

WMS has continued to invest in the core FAIRS IFA Manager product that offers a complete back office and point of sale administration solution for IFAs. It has also enhanced the FAIRS Manager on the Web solution, which offers the ASP solution for IFAS not wishing to support their own technology infrastructure.

The full range of products, which are the result of a multi million pound investment strategy following the acquisition of FAIRS by WMS, now includes:

  • LISA® Portfolio Manager, a portfolio modelling, performance attribution and client reporting system for high end IFAs and private wealth managers
  • LISA® Orchestrate; a business process management, document management and document warehouse system for IFA networks, fund supermarkets and tied agents
  • FAIRS IFA Manager, a complete back office and point of sale administration system for IFAs
  • FAIRS Manager on the Web, an ASP solution for IFAs not wishing to support their own technology infrastructure

Gary Sawyer, Managing Director of the Financial Adviser Division at WMS said:

"We have invested a huge amount of time, effort and money into extending our financial adviser product line to encompass the new needs of tied agents, larger IFAs, private wealth managers and fund supermarkets. Flexibility is paramount and we now believe our extensive product range contains functionality superior to that of other providers in areas such as document management, business process management, portfolio modelling, performance measurement and portfolio re-balancing. All of this functionality is now running live at various client sites. In addition, whilst other providers continue to talk about the web deployment of applications, we have been fastest off the mark with an ASP service and have now clocked up more live running hours than any other provider."

Sawyer continued:"We always work to our goal of making life easier for IFAs. We now accommodate financial advisers of every shape and size and provide them with the necessary tools to service their clients more efficiently. Our vision of only deploying functionality that matters is reflected in our product portfolio. One size fits all no longer applies and we have the resource to cater for the IT demands across the full spectrum of the financial services sector."

Sawyer concluded:"Our solutions support increased levels of communication, are highly structured to achieving client goals and are driven by appropriately balanced investment returns. We have an exciting vision of professional client support, which is more akin to private banking than ever before."

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