Peridrome launches ModelStream

Source: Peridrome

Peridrome, a leading developer of automated solutions for the managed accounts industry, today announced the launch of ModelStream, the first software solution designed to manage risk and address operational challenges associated with model sharing among investment managers and distributors, including broker-dealers, investment advisors and turnkey asset manager programs (TAMPs).

ModelStream allows financial firms to expand the distribution of models-based investment products while optimizing staff resources and managing risk associated with the communication and implementation of portfolio changes. ModelStream is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that requires only a web browser for use.

Using ModelStream, managers publishing portfolio models can automatically propagate changes to multiple recipients, while tracking the state of each recipient's version of a model at any point in time. Model recipients can use ModelStream's natural language rules and integrated business process management features to validate and implement portfolio updates.

"With assets in models programs more than doubling last year, the need for an automated solution to improve control and efficiency in models distribution has never been greater," said Peridrome CEO Gib Veconi. "Going forward, ensuring that portfolio changes are communicated and implemented accurately will be critical to realizing the potential of models-only managed account programs.

Product Highlights:

• Control review and approval of portfolio model changes from providers
• Manage distribution of changes across multiple recipients
• Define review policies as natural language business rules
• Configure firm-specific workflows for exception processing
• Audit the history of changes to a base model
• Automate communication with partners via email, file transfer, web portal or message API

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