Sofgen achieves Temenos global certification status

Source: Sofgen

SOFGEN Holdings Limited (SOFGEN), an international provider of IT solutions for banks, is pleased to announce that it has become the first Temenos partner to achieve global certification status to perform banking system upgrades for Temenos' clients.

The certification process is a part of Temenos' move towards closer cooperation with its strategic partners and builds upon SOFGEN's extensive experience of having delivered upgrade services to Temenos clients for many years.

Ms. Karen C. Johnson, Temenos Global Partner Services Director, commented, "By certifying partners such as SOFGEN, we give our customers more choice, thereby protecting the investment they have made in their TEMENOS T24 (T24) system. Our teams have worked closely with one another over the past three months and SOFGEN/Temenos processes are now aligned in such a way as to ensure that clients availing themselves of this service benefit from a seamless handover to Temenos support post upgrade."

"SOFGEN conducts and supports upgrades in any combination of on-site/offshore delivery," stated Ajit George, Director, SOFGEN India Private Ltd. "Our 175+ T24 consultants have over seven years' average experience hence the relative ease with which we have been able to obtain certification. Last year we successfully performed four system upgrades; we are expecting to perform at least 10 upgrades in 2011."

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