Swissrisk Financial Systems gets Swift label

Source: Swissrisk Financial Systems

Swissrisk Financial Systems' FinTrace has been evaluated and certified by Swift with the Swift Ready Exceptions and Investigations Label.

SWIFT's solution for Exceptions and Investigations supports the automation of all transaction-related  enquiries for financial institutions and corporates.

This solution clearly defines the parties involved in the investigation as well as communication flows, messages to be exchanged (UNIFI ISO ISO20022 XML) and compile the market practices in a rulebook.

"We are very proud having been awarded by SWIFT with the SWIFTNet Ready Label for "Exceptions and Investigations" again this year. This is a good proof of our efforts and documents our leading position in this specific area. We are fully focused on this topic and appreciate the credits we are getting from both, independent organizations but more importantly from our customers. In this matter we are also delighted that we are assisting them to achieve their business targets best. This is of extraordinary importance after SWIFT having decided to promote the topic of SWIFTNet Exceptions & Investigations amongst corporate as well - and we are already having the solution enabling all this available at hand" States Georg Sauberer, Area Manager Financial Messaging & Workflow at Swissrisk.

FinTRACE is a workflow based case management application which covers all functionalities and requirements to handle SWIFT-initiated investigations as well as mixed scenarios (SWIFT E&I and FIN).

FinTRACE helps financial institutions to:

• Reduce Costs
» Standardized rule modeling for fast and full automation
• Avoid Risk
» Reduction of manual intervention to decrease the potential risk
» Handling priority for high value transactions
• Improve Customer Service Level
» Possibility to set up priorities by client
» Reduction of processing time
» Client can follow the status of the investigation online
• Link closely into Back office
» Built in integration framewework to provide a wide range of connectivity options
» Simplify integration of existing back office systems

FinTRACE is fully E&I compliant according to the SWIFT rulebook 2011 for Exception and Investigations.

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