Everlink certifies Hypercom payment software

Source: Hypercom

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced that Everlink Payment Services Inc., a leading provider of integrated payment solutions and services in Canada, has Class A certified Hypercom's high security SPOS32 payment software /EMV transactions and Everlink's application V3.3 which supports both MSR POS Specification on the Optimum T4200 countertop and M4200 mobile MFC product family.

With this certification, local Everlink distributors can now order Hypercom systems, considerably increasing the number of Canadian Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) that can purchase Hypercom's products.

"Everlink Payment Services is singularly focused on providing Canada's processors, banks, credit unions, ISOs and merchants with the highest quality and most robust card payment systems available. Hypercom's new Optimum EMV line is a perfect fit for this high priority focus," said Jim Hackett, Vice President, Business Development, Everlink Payment Services Inc.

"Everlink's certification opens the door for more businesses to use Hypercom's Optimum products and will significantly strengthen our high security product footprint in Canada. Optimum sets the benchmark for electronic payments through advanced security features that provide a safe shopping experience for consumers, dependability for merchants and the lowest total cost of ownership for customers," said Brent Smith, Country Manager, Hypercom Canada. "SPOS32 is our premier, feature-rich off-the-shelf payment application for our Optimum products. The software will easily migrate to our next generation products, has an electronic cash register interface for use by a wide range of customers, speeds up transactions and bolsters card payment security."

Hypercom's high security, PCI approved and Interac-certified Optimum fixed countertop and mobile payment terminals in Canada include the Optimum T4210 (dial), T4220 (Ethernet with dial), T4230 (GPRS with dial) countertop and M4230 GPRS and M4240 Bluetooth mobile card payment terminals.

Each Optimum terminal also incorporates Hypercom's full X509 PKI (public key infrastructure) HyperSafe Secure security layer to protect the terminal and applications from hacking and malware attacks. Protecting the operational procedures and maintenance of payment terminals is just as important as protecting cardholder data. Hypercom's HyperSafe e suite of security products defends terminals from rogue applications and malware, protects the terminal management system from communicating with fraudulent terminals and provides the industry's only remote key management system. The key benefits for banks, processors and large retailers: protects their investment in the point of sale estate; reduces the potential for fraudulent use of terminals; and ensures the secure transport of cryptographic keys.

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