Orc Spreader gets upgrade

Source: Orc Software

Orc Software (SSE: ORC)(STO:ORC.st), the leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, today announced the Orc Spreader 2.0, a new release of its specialized product for ultra-low latency, high-frequency spread trading and pairs trading. Firms use Orc Spreader for trading on multiple markets and across multiple asset classes.

Orc Spreader 2.0 comes with a greatly improved feature set, as well as a new Spread Monitor offering highly efficient control and overview for spread traders. Key trading parameters are easily controlled from the Spread Monitor while integrated P&L provides full visibility of trading activity. More advanced configuration parameters are displayed in a separate, user-friendly details window.

"We have developed Orc Spreader 2.0 to meet the latest demands of traders in highly competitive environments, says Jesper Alfredsson, Vice President Product Management, Orc Software. "The enhanced ease of use and automation features offered by the Spread Monitor are only means for achieving the true design goals for the new release: enabling traders to make better decisions even faster than before, while reducing errors. This is what really counts in today's markets where the combination of precision and speed is key to profitability."

The new feature set in Orc Spreader 2.0 includes per-leg trading parameters, trader-defined dynamic trading levels, ability to manually work hedging orders when necessary and two-way Microsoft Excel integration using Real-Time Data (RTD). Using the Excel link traders can view and control any Spreader parameters using Excel, which allows for great flexibility in using the Spreader as an execution platform integrated with third party analytics.

We are truly impressed by Orc Spreader 2.0, which offers substantial advantages compared to our previous spreading tools," said Brian Avery, partner, J & A Trading, Chicago. "Orc's advanced trading logic helps us raise productivity through automation while reducing errors when making critical decisions in a complex environment. We are also very pleased with the overall performance and adaptability offered by Orc trading technology."

Orc Spreader 2.0 is built on the multi-threaded, server-based algorithmic trading engine Orc Liquidator. It includes trading logic designed for spread traders and pairs traders. The server-based architecture of Orc Spreader 2.0, including an extremely high-performance trading engine, can be co-located at exchanges resulting in the lowest possible latency. Orc's extensive low-latency connectivity to over 100 markets around the world is also available to users.

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