Fifth Third Processing boosts security with Hypercom and Voltage

Source: Fifth Third Processing

Fifth Third Processing Solutions, a premier full-service payment solutions provider, is pleased to announce the launch of support for Hypercom Corporation's payment software with Voltage Security's point-to-point data encryption.

These powerful counter top terminal solutions help retailers and restaurants reduce the risk of data breaches by encrypting card data in the terminal and rendering it unusable until it is received and processed by Fifth Third Processing Solutions.

Available immediately, this next layer of Fifth Third Processing Solutions' growing suite of data security products uses strong data encryption technologies to protect card data during processing. Fifth Third Processing Solutions has Class A certified Hypercom's SPOS32 payment software with Voltage Security's point-to-point data encryption to help U.S. retailers and restaurants using Hypercom's Optimum T4205, T4210 and T4220 countertop terminals securely process payments.

Secure point-to-point encryption, sometimes termed end-to-end encryption, helps clients address the complex and changing needs of security best practices and guidelines. Long known as a payments advocate for the merchant community, Fifth Third Processing Solutions is working with Voltage Security, Inc., a global leader in enterprise and payment card data protection inside and outside the cloud, and Hypercom Corporation, a global leader in payment solutions, to offer solutions focused on protecting sensitive cardholder information.

"Providing secure payment solutions to our merchant customers to help them protect card data is a key initiative for our company," said Bill Weingart, Chief Product Officer, Fifth Third Processing Solutions. "The Hypercom Optimum terminal platform with Voltage SecureData support demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients increased security. With partners like Hypercom and Voltage Security, we are able to adapt to new security solutions and deliver encrypted processing to our valued customers."

"With Fifth Third Processing Solutions, we are bringing state-of-the-art payment systems with added security to a broad spectrum of countertop merchants throughout the United States," said David Cronin, President and Managing Director, North America, Hypercom Corporation.

"Voltage is pleased to be working with Fifth Third Processing Solutions and Hypercom to provide point-to-point security solutions to merchants," said Mark Bower, Vice President of Product Management for Voltage Security. "Merchants of all sizes can be impacted by a card data breach. Now, for the protection of sensitive cardholder data used in payment transactions, merchants can use Hypercom terminals through Fifth Third Processing Solutions' market leading processing platforms to support a safe and powerful solution for protecting card data."

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