AT&T wins ATM Japan security contract

Source: AT&T

AT&T announced today that it has signed a contract to develop a corporate network security solution for ATM Japan (ATMJ) - a leading Japanese provider of automated teller machines services.

AT&T provides a one-stop solution offering a complete range of security, availability and recovery services that provide companies integrated business continuity and security solutions to support complex networking environments. AT&T offers customers a full suite of services that encompass managed firewalls, intrusion detection, authentication, security consulting and custom solutions.

The consulting services being provided by AT&T include analysis of ATMJ's current security posture, a proposal for measures necessary to ensure corporate-wide information protection, a plan for implementation of a security system based on those measures, and future developments.

"Our company works with financial institutions. We are also doing outsourcing services for banks, and consequently preventing illegal access from outside the company and the leakage of information is our corporate lifeline," says Masahiro Nishiguchi, CIO, ATMJ. "This security enhancements through the development of security policies and implementation of a security system are extremely significant. In addition, the implementation of this system has boosted our efforts to win privacy mark certification."

"AT&T is changing the nature of the security game - from reactive to predictive, from detection to prevention of attack and intrusion - and is making the network an integral part of the security solution," says Norihiko Minato, president of AT&T Japan. "By employing a defence in depth approach to security, we are confident that we can help customers in Japan build more secured networking systems."

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